Upgraded from Hexo to Gatsby v2

This is my first post on my personal blog and this is my blog in different stack. I hope this is my last blogging platform and i stick to this platform.



Why i always change with another stack?

  • My first stack is just React.js use REST for get all blog post from my backend and after that i move. Why? Because i was struggle with workflow i made and bad UX when i need a new post.
  • The next one is Hubpress. I love this platfrom so much, an easy way jekyll blog in github pages with some admin pages and why i move again? The Maintainer is not maintenance it anymore.
  • So i move to Hexo. It is easy to understand and easy to customize the template but i move again because when i move to another page it load new asset again so it needs so many cost if you're in slow internet connection.
  • And finally i move to Gatsby. First impression with this stack is amazing so fast and the developer experience is so good. Maybe i'll stick to this so lets try.


In this post, i will give you know about this site stack. From this.rivki.id and blog.rivki.id.


So why i use Nuxt for my personal site? The answer is simple. Because i already familiar with that. Thats it. Velocity Animation is use for creating animation when you click Hamburger menu. And last i use Skeleton for grid and add some extra flexbox for layouting.


I already answer why i use Gatsby in here and in the explaination in domain this.rivki.id

if you want to know more about my stack, you can follow that link for more information. And this site is hosted in Firebase Hosting. You can read deatil about how to deploy your static site in here 😬

In this site i will tell my story about all i know, about what i learn, and maybe about my daily life. See you next post.